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The Long Beach Razor Clam Festival is a merchant-driven event, fully insured, presented and funded by LOCAL sponsors and the Long Beach Merchants Association (LBMA). We invite you to join our family of sponsors of the Clam Festival.

By being a sponsor of this event you will be promoting your company to Clam Festival participants and spectators. Companies like ours benefit from the exposure the event provides us as merchants as well as from the event bringing locals out to shop and tourists to the area for the festivities. We are anticipating a highly successful and well-attended festival again this year.

Our Facebook page enjoys over 7,083 fans to date; it’s most-seen post reached about 30,000 people. These indicators support anecdotal reports of huge interest in the return and continuance of the event. As best as we have been able to tell, the event originated in 1940 and the next year, 20,000 people came. The event continued through the mid-60s.

Show Long Beach Razor Clam Festival friends, neighbors and colleagues your company’s commitment to our local economy and become a sponsor. We are offer various levels of sponsorship. We thank you for your support for this cause that is so dear to our hearts!

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